To borrow from Peter Griffin, “You know what grinds my gears?”

Did you see this story last week? St. Thomas wins too much, kicked out of MIAC

St. Thomas was removed from the “Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) on Wednesday because of its “competitive” advantages.” According to ESPN.

Everyone thought “participation trophies” were a good thing for little kids, and now we have adults that are kicking a winning team out of their division because “they win too much.”

Are you kidding me? Call the losers a Whaaaambulance!

So now, a lesser skilled team will be able to “win” the division.

Exactly where is the “win”?

So, we are teaching future employees, future business owners, they don’t have to be the BEST to be successful in the marketplace. It’s ok if you can just get rid of your competition.

Oh, but wait, how are they going to do that in the “real world”?

We have a big problem going on in this country…win at all costs. Lie, cheat, swindle…it doesn’t matter as long as you win.

But is that really a win?

Every parent from the other conference teams should be appalled by this. But probably not, because it’s in the best interest of their student because they can now be on a “winning” team.

Did you watch the last episode of Survivor this season? I’m making a point here, hang with me for a minute.

You know it’s always about who you are going to take to the final 3 with you when you have immunity.

Chris Underwood had immunity, and he could take 2 of the 3 survivors left to the final Tribal Council. Two of the 3, he would have beat hands down for the million dollars. The third contestant, and who I was hoping would win, Rick Devens, had played a nearly perfect game.

But, instead of picking someone he could easily beat and walking away with the million dollars, Chris gave up his immunity so that he could battle Devens for the final spot in the Final Three.

Chris knew Rick probably would win if he took Rick to the Final Tribal Council, and yet he chose to risk $1,000,000 to prove to himself he “earned” it.

The moment Chris made that “all or nothing” decision, he became a winner whether he won or lost.  Chris Underwood went on to beat Rick Devens, and win the million dollars, and he knew, and we all knew, he deserved to win.

Chris didn’t kick his competition out so he could win, he battled him to prove to himself he was “The Sole Survivor” and all that it entails.

He deserved the win.

By the way, just so you know, I would never play Survivor, as much as I enjoy the show. To “survive” like they do is not my cup of tea.

But I “play” to win in business. I know what my competition is doing, I know I provide more value than they do, I know my clients get real results. I would take any competitor to the Final 3 Tribal Council of business, and I would kick their ass.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on this story? I’m interested to know. And…would you have played Survivor like Chris or would you have kicked out your competition to insure yourself the million dollars?

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