A very dear friend of mine called me this week to ask a favor.  Before he could even tell me what he wanted, I said YES.  I didn’t know what he wanted.  It didn’t matter why he was calling.  If he needed my help the answer was going to be YES.  Maybe, if he had asked me to throw a box of puppies under a train, I would have figured out a creative way to say NO, that sounded like a YES, but I felt confident that he was not going to turn me into a puppy killer with whatever his request was. 

The request was to help him win a contest, for a Million Bucks.  Are You Kidding Me? Heck yeah I’m on board.  One of things I needed to do to help him was to organize a team of 25 people. People that may not know him, but they do know me, and people that would say YES to me before they even knew what I wanted.  While it may sound “easy peasy lemon squeasy”, really think about that.  Who do you know that would say YES to you no matter why you were calling?  I came up with a list of 25 people I was confident I could ask them for their help, and I knew they would be on board.

You may have 2000 friends on Facebook, and 5000 Twitter followers, but how many would say YES?  You may work in an office of 40, but how many would say YES? You may volunteer for an organization of 1500, but how many would say YES?  You have relatives, but how many would say YES?  My guess is regardless of how big your network is, the percentage that would give you a resounding, “YES, it doesn’t matter what you need, I will help you”, would still be quite small. 

I have been thinking about this list all day as I have been working on calling the team I thought would help me help my friend.

I was thinking about how really lucky I am to know that I have people in my life who are kind, generous, and go out of their way to help someone they don’t know win a Million Dollars.  Every one of those that said YES to me today, for no other reason than because I asked them too, put someone’s interest first.  They made a commitment that for 15 straight days, they will go out of their way for someone else because I asked them to.

So who do you know who would say YES to you without hesitation?  When you can put together a list of 25 names that will, you my friend have become a success.  Success is not measured by how much money you have or what kind of car you drive. Success is measured one soul at a time by those who will help you when you ask.

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