Jean Kuhn has coached businesses and franchises throughout her career, and has helped to catapult their enterprises to exceed their goals. But, don't take our word for it. Here are just a few stories from satisfied coaching clients in their own words.

I immediately had results working with Jean.  I received 4 times my entire 6-month investment with Jean, in contracted business, in the first 30 days. Not only did we refocus my practice into something I always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve, but I immediately got clients. Jean is a gem.  Truly precious and unique in what she brings to her clients.

Theresa Rubino, Naperville, IL

Theresa Rubino

Jean Kuhn is an extremely knowledgeable entrepreneur and relays her business expertise cohesively and with humor. Everyone who has had the opportunity to learn marketing, motivation, and networking lessons from her has had the pleasure of pertinent information mixed with a good time.

Katherine L . WestSuburban Chamber of Commerce

We have worked closely with Jean over the last several years. From the second we met her, we were taken by her warmth, humor & self-confidence. Jean is a special person who reaches out to everyone. She really enjoys trying to help others improve themselves & their businesses. As a business woman, she is exceptional. She works continuously to improve her business & all those who work with her. She is a great communicator & is at ease whenever she is networking. In our opinion, Jean’s goal is to take everyone & everything to a higher level of professionalism. We feel very fortunate to have met Jean & to have had the opportunity to work with her over the last several years & look forward to continuing to do so.

Jim & Celeste KelberRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

I heard about Jean Kuhn from several people before I actually got the opportunity to meet her. She became a part of our networking group and I got to learn about “all things Jean.” Jean possesses excellent broad expertise in her skills and is very committed to her work, writing, and teaching. She is a highly dedicated individual that demonstrates the ability to work well coaching entrepreneurs and leads by example by actually having taken two franchises and turned them completely around. Jean is very thorough operationally and has great insights about transforming organizations. Combine these qualities with being very friendly and you will enjoy working with her as you learn.

Jean is an inspiring leader, full of passion, energy and dedication. She encourages and motivates you and ensures everyone is on track to achieve the success they desire. She has great problem solving ability and is very innovative in her ideas. She is a charismatic leader, very humble and polite, quite inspiring and motivating to other everyone she works with but does not compromise on the issues of discipline and targets. She possesses great technical and leadership skills, and also grasps new concepts quickly which she immediately teaches to others. She is business-smart and has great networking skills; Jean is a very practical thinker, a strong leader who is results-oriented and has the stats to prove it. She can bring out the best in everyone she works with if they are willing to put in the hard work. She is a true champ and an excellent individual to know. I have been so pleased that someone made that first connection to her. If you do not know her, I highly recommend you get to meet her or read her books (now completing number three and four!) and then be introduced.

Lynn LionhoodLegal Shield

Jean Kuhn brings the potential out in you! It is that simple. I was already running a successful and profitable franchise when I met Jean, or so I thought. But, my dreams were huge. I wanted my franchise to have the highest sales in my region. She was instrumental in helping me reach that dream. Jean not only coached me on ideas that increased my sales dramatically, but helped me realize that there was so much more I could do to grow my business. That was exciting to me! The ideas she gave me on marketing, controlling my costs, retaining excellent employees and growing my business, is what has helped me reach record sales the past two years! Jean has a fresh, enthusiastic and can do attitude that is contagious. Jean is all about choices, you can choose to be successful or you can choose to fail. Working with Jean has been instrumental in growing my business to a new level that I never imagined.

Ruth Briggs

When I met Jean I had spent the past 18 months struggling to get my business to be more profitable. I had hired a business coach who was nothing but a cheerleader. So I was skeptical about hiring her since I had been burned before.

After one 30 minute phone call with her I was able to instantly increase my income and so I took the leap of faith to work with her in her 6 month program. Jean helped me to completely turn my business around. Not only was it 180 days, but my business turned around 180 degrees! I easily doubled my income and am on the path to creating a much bigger business and more profitable business than I ever had before.

Working with Jean helped me to understand my value, work through some things that were holding me back and increase my income immediately. I can’t believe the difference in my life from when I started with her to when I finished. I am in such a better place, not only financially but personally as well. Jean was exactly what I needed in order to get my business, and my life on the path I had always wanted.

Amanda Wittenborn

I attended Jean Kuhn’s, A.M.M.O. For Small Business Owners in January of 2016. In 2015, I had earned just $7000. I joined Jean’s program 180 Days to Higher Profits in January, and I will finish 2016 at $60,000.

I felt like I had been given a life line. While Jean said she is committed to our success, I didn’t really believe it until she told me to hold a class immediately, and while I got my house ready, Jean created a registration page for me, or when I couldn’t see my own value, she took the time to show it to me.

Jean knows how to make money, and she knows how to show others how to increase not only their cash, but how to get more business.

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