Making the Leap from Panic to Profit – Keynote

For Franchisees, and Small Business Owners Conferences

Anyone who has been married for more than 10 minutes knows it’s not always easy.  Jean relates owning a business to being married.  Sometimes you LOVE it, and sometimes, well……you just don’t love it as much; but you need to find a way to make it a workable relationship.

Jean is the perfect speaker if your attendees:

  • Want more customers
  • Want to earn more money
  • Want more free time
  • Want to reduce employee turnover

Jean shows the audience why it's important to learn to love their business, not just tolerate it.  This entertaining 60 minute Keynote will have the audience understanding that with just a little shift in their thinking they can live happily ever after with their staff, spouse, and business.

Contact Jean Kuhn for more information:  630-302-4929 or

Find the Hidden Revenue in Your Business – Workshop

For Chambers, Village's, Town's and City's Small Business Owners

Your local small business owners are not making enough money. Let’s help them.

Look around, how many of your local businesses have closed their doors in the past 5 years? Small Business Owners (SBOs) get so caught up in the daily grind of running their business, taking care of customers, employees, worrying about payroll, and paying the bills, they don’t have time to figure out how easy it can be to increase their income. I know it’s true, because it was true for me when I first became self-employed and it took me 17 years to figure it. 

Book the half-day workshop, Find the Hidden Revenue in Your Business,  for your local small business owners:

Every business owner has revenue streams in their business they have either forgotten about, don’t see, or don’t have the time to implement. Countless small business owner (SBOs) close their businesses because they don’t make enough money. While I can't see dead people, I can see revenue potential, it's my “sixth sense.”

What if I could show your SBOs where they are losing money in their business?

What if I could show your SBOs the revenue stream(s) they can’t see in their business?

Would you rather help them for 3-4 hours learning to make more money, or have them file bankruptcy and close their doors. More people than just the business owner suffer financially when they file bankruptcy; the landlords, taxes are left unpaid, employees are unemployed, and so on and so on.

Help them, and everyone succeeds. The SBOs make more money, put it back into the local economy, they create jobs, and the local government gains more tax dollars. A true, win/win.

Contact Jean Kuhn for more information:  630-302-4929 or

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