It seems for the last month or so, I keep seeing the story about a gay couple suing a bakery for declining to make their wedding cake.  And for the same amount of time, I have been thinking about this story.  So when I googled it today to find out the location where this happened I was shocked to find out there 3,570,000 results for the search, “gay couples sues.”

There are gay couples all over the place suing business who do not want to work with them.  That’s a lot of lawsuits clogging our court systems.  But I digress.

As a small business owner, why would you turn down any business?  I’m a Conservative Christian, and if a gay couple came into my chocolate franchise for wedding favors, I would sell them anything they wanted, because I am in business to provide a service to Different Couples silhouettesthe public in exchange for money.  I don’t judge my customers. I embrace them. While I believe what the Bible says, I don’t think anywhere in the Bible it says do not sell your products to people that have a lifestyle you don’t agree with.

While you may feel you are standing your “moral” ground, I beg to differ.  You have just pissed off at least 50% of your customers, gay and straight.  So let me ask this, if you have a customer who comes into your store who cheated on his wife, do you also refuse your service to him? After all he broke a Commandment.  

As a small business owner you feel it’s your right to decline service to anyone.  Well, I believe that is your right too. Yay, we agree on something.  But I also believe when you refuse service to people who want to buy your product, in a case like this, you are not a good small business owner. 

In the last 12 years, I have asked two different customers to shop someplace else, because they were acting like idiots in my store, and verbally abusing my staff.  This is a good reason to not serve a paying customer.

And let me finish by asking gay couples this:  If you are refused service, why not just take your business somewhere it’s appreciated?  Why the need to file a lawsuit to ruin someone’s business, when you could very easily do this by just telling everyone you know?  Post it all over social media.  It will get picked up by a news agency.  It will get picked up by a TV station.  I know you feel your civil rights are being violated, but all you are doing is making a whole lot of attorneys very wealthy.  And do you really want a cake, flowers or whatever service you need from a company that doesn’t want to serve you?  Of course you don’t.

You don’t even have to do anything.  This small business owner will very smugly tell people of how they refused service to a gay couple.  It will get around, business will fall off, and eventually the business will be gone, and you have taken the high road.

I don’t want service from a company who offers me poor customer service even once.  I tell people about my bad experience, and I just take my business someplace else where I feel it’s appreciated and wanted.

So my answer to the original question:  Why would any small business WANT to serve the gay community?  I think it’s a pretty easy answer.  We want to serve the gay community because we are small business owners.  Our lively hood is based on serving the public.  We don’t see you as gay or straight or Christian or Jewish, or black or white.  We see you as paying customers who are appreciated for choosing our stores to shop in.




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