Kohl’s Wins!  Kohl’s Wins!

Have you seen the video by Candace Payne about her Chewbacca mask?  If you haven’t, you are the only one, you can find it right here. This video has gone crazy viral with over 77 million views the last time I check.

So what is the business lesson here?  Well there are a few of them.

Videos go viral every day. What made this go viral fast and furious is:

  1. She is so authentic – Her joy, her laugh, her excitement for a toy, and her ability to put candaceherself out there when people might judge her. One woman made the entire country laugh until it cried.
  2. She is funny, my favorites were, “Oh, I’m such a happy Chewbacca” and “I’m not a bad mom, I’m not a jerk.” and when she laughed, you fell in love with her.  She made me want to be her BFF.
  3. She named the business where she bought the mask. What are you doing for your customers that they will make a video about and bring you business? You can get that mask at several retail locations, but now we are associating Kohl’s with that mask and it makes us love Kohl’s even more
  4. Kohl’s didn’t waste any time jumping on her bandwagon, and good for them. Have you seen what Kohl’s did for Candace? You will find the video pinned right to the top of Kohl's Facebook page  and now Kohl’s video has gone viral with over 7 million views.

We can’t make our videos go viral, but the ones that usually go viral do so because they are heartwarming, they are fun, and they are authentic. They make us feel good.  Are you making your customer’s feel good about your business?

Interested in learning to make videos for your business? I teach a workshop on that.  If you are interested in a VIP Video Workshop Day (limited to 4 people only) where you will create 3 videos for your business click the link here for all of the information.  You will:

  • Learn how to write video scripts
  • Write 3 video scripts
  • Record 3 videos
  • Learn how and edit all 3 of your videos
  • Create a Youtube channel if you don’t have one
  • Upload your videos to Youtube
  • Leave with 3 videos completed and know how to continue making videos on your own
  • Learn how to turn your iPad into a teleprompter (app involved)
  • Need an iPhone or iPad.

For more info on becoming the Celebrity of your business click here Don’t let Kohl’s have all of the fun!

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