Last Saturday the temperature in the western suburbs of Chicago hit 80 degrees.  Yay, that’s what we mid-westerns have been waiting for since September.  However, that was the day I hit my limit. I wasn’t going to live like this any longer. I had been lying to myself for four long years. Telling myself it was ok and I was happy, I was satisfied.  I was tired of not having what I wanted, and I wasn’t going to take it any longer. Today was the day, I was finally going to get what I wanted.

The last four summers have been downright miserable. I'm talking about my 2004 Dodge Caravan. It looks really cute here, but not any longer.

chocomobile 004Here are the lies I told myself in order to keep driving that car for so long.

  1. It still runs well.

It has 215000 miles on it and no air conditioning.  I was miserable every single day from May till the end of October driving it. When I apply the brakes it feels like the front end is just about to fall off the frame.  It does not run well.

  1. I can’t afford a new car.

In actuality, I was just being cheap.  I hadn’t had a car payment for so many years and I didn’t want another one.

  1. I want to see if my 2004 Dodge Caravan could hit 250,000 miles.

Ok, that part is true, I did want to see if I could hit 250000 miles. I have had a Dodge Caravan since 1987 and the most miles I have ever gotten was 130000.

  1. I need it to carry 2000 lbs. of chocolate at a time.

I definitely don’t want to put a ton of chocolate in my a new car. The truth is, I can have the chocolate delivered for very little money and save my car and 3 hours of my time.

During my epiphany, I saw a parallel between keeping my car and owning a small business.  Small business owners don’t make changes to their business until they have decided they too have had enough.  Enough struggling to pay the bills, enough working 50-70 hours a week to make ends meet, enough trying to be happy with what they have when they really aren’t, enough missing their family.

I always wondered why they wait so long. Now I know! They make up excuses as to why they are struggling, and they tell these excuses to anyone who will listen.  Because if they have a “good” excuse, then it’s OK.  And they continue to lie to themselves until they lose everything.  I have seen it happen over and over in the last seven years.  Small business owners don’t change until it’s more painful to stay the same than it is to change.

That is where I was this weekend.  After four long years, it was finally more painful to not change than it was to change. I made up excuses. I lied to myself. I told myself I was doing it for honorable reasons.  I realized as an empty nester, I wasn’t getting any younger and I was already miserable on the first warm day of 2015.  So I bought a new car.

Now if you’re a small business owner, and you can relate to the lies we tell ourselves, and you would like to have a conversation with someone who knowingly bought 2 failing franchises and added $100,000 to their bottom line within 12 months then please click on this link and schedule a complimentary profit booster call with me. Stop waiting, it doesn’t get easier without making a change.




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