If you are a follower of my blog you may not know that I own a franchise, a chocolate franchise.  Ok, now I have your attention.

earlLast night we had our annual holiday dinner with our staff.  We do it at the beginning of February because we are too busy in December. I hand out bonuses, we talk about how busy Valentine’s Day will be, and we get to connect personally.

In the fall, I hired a high school junior, I’m going to call him Shawn, mostly because after I hired him, every time I tried to say his name, “Shawn” came out.  That is not his name.  It was really the first time I have been able to chat with him outside of the store, and learn more about him and his family.

I learned he has five brothers, and no sisters. When we dropped him off after our dinner his mom’s license plate read: Boys R Us.  I said a prayer for her, that her life is filled with granddaughters.  Shawn is a cutie pie; outgoing, religious, and OMG can that boy talk.

The reason that Shawn is the focus of my writing here today is because of some of the things he said, because he obviously does not know “who” I am.  For instance, he does not know I’m an author, he doesn’t not know I’m a business marketing coach, he does not know that I am a speaker, he does not know I believe our thoughts become things, and he most certainly does not know that I am a certified prosperity coach.

So, when asked by the waiter what he wanted to drink, he said water, and then us gave a dissertation on how after he broke his ankle and the Dr. told him to drink more milk, which he did.  Then stopped drinking milk, and  broke the other ankle. The Dr. told him again to drink more milk, he did, then he stopped again, and “wonders what I will break next.”

Insert long, slow motion, deep voice in your head of me saying, “whhhaaaat diiiiddd heeeeeeeee jussssssst saaaaaaay?”  Thoughts become things, Shawn.

I looked at my husband, and he just smiled a smile that said, “Shawn stop talking…..here we go again.  You’re about to get so much more than you bargained for with this job buddy, just stop talking, for the love of God, please!”

But Shawn did not stop talking. He said several things during dinner and I was making mental notes.  But it got so much worse (for Shawn), or better (for me) depending on how you look at it on the way to his house.  We offered Shawn a ride home so his parents wouldn’t have to come out and get him.  On our ride I asked him where he wants to go to school after graduation.  I’m always wondering how long I will have great kids. He said, “locally.”  Yes, score one for me, because that usually means they will stay with me through college.

Then I asked what he wanted to do for a living, and he said, “realistically?” I don’t even know what he said after that word.

See, Shawn told me that his dad is a plumber and he works hard to support his family, and became a plumber because “realistically” he didn’t see how he could make a living doing what he wanted to do. Shawn wasn’t sure, but he thought his dad wanted to be a personal trainer.  But he had 6 boys too support, that according to Shawn, drink 2 gallons of milk a day.  Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just get a cow?

Shawn said his dream job is to be a musician.  BUT, he wants to have a family, so “realistically”, he will probably do…. Again, I didn’t hear what he said. So at the young age of 16, Shawn has already decided that he can never make a living as a musician because he wants to have a family.  I almost cried.

I suggested that Shawn read Gene Simmons’ new book, Me., Inc. I told him it is about how Gene Simmons started KISS, and how he has made a lot of money by being a musician.  And just as Shawn got out of the car he said, the worst thing he could possibly say to me, “I just want people to like my music, I don’t need to make a lot of money.”

I could feel my husband mentally telling me to, “Let it go.”  And I mentally said back to him, “We have been married almost 35 years.  You know that’s not going to happen.”

So after Valentine’s Day, I will invite my young friend to lunch, and I will tell him again, that he will become or get what he thinks about every single time.  I will tell him “who” I am, and how important it is to change those thoughts starting today.

Over the last 12 ½ years I have had 4 employees that I saw “something” in, I knew they were open to hearing what I had to offer them, and they were destined to be a huge success.  because at my chocolate store, you get so much more than a job, if you want it.

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