A Cold Shower, A Plumber & The Go-Giver FINAL Part III

For the past 2 days I have been talking about Mark the Plumber. Today I am going to finish his story and the last 3 Laws of Stratospheric Success.

 So when we last left Mark, he had just told me in so many words, that no matter how hard he works he can’t get ahead.

 The Law of Influence states:  Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.

 I really was concerned about Mark Mueller, plumber, making a decent living.  He gave me the Home Depot receipt along with a Tax Credit form he picked up for me so that we could get a tax credit on our new Water Heater.  I knew how much he spent on the water heater.  He could have easily marked it up, kept the receipt from Home Depot and just given me his company’s receipt.  Mark definitely put my interests before his own.

 Mark was so nice to me when he was obviously tired, but he went to the truck for a tool to fix a slow drain.  He put my interests before his own.

 When I insisted that he charge me for refitting the pipes and the drain, he wouldn’t hear of it. He put my interests before his own.

 The Law of Authenticity states:  The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

 When Mark answered the phone, “Hello this is Mark” I had a good feeling about him.  He didn’t have an answering service, good thing because I would have called someone else, he answered the phone even though he was on another job.  He genuinely cared that I didn’t have any hot water.  He didn’t know if I had little kids or if I was home alone. Mark sincerely wanted to help me.  He treated me as he would want to be treated.  He didn’t say it, he just did it.

 The Law of Receptivity states:  The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving,

Mark is a true Giver, but not quite yet what would be called a Go-Giver.  Yes, a true Go-Giver gives more in value than they receive in payment, and that Mark did. He touches a lot of lives, puts the interests of his customers first, and is truly authentic. However, it’s that last Law that is – just for now – holding him back.  The Law of Receptivity states that you will be paid, and paid well for the value-based services you provide.  And, a True Go-Giver must be open to receiving, being well-paid.  Being a Go-Giver does not mean that you should give away your services or under-value your services.  Mark, in my opinion, had already surpassed his competition just by answering the phone and getting to my house in a few hours.  He had already provided exceptional value to me even before he got to my house.  As someone who tries to follow the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success, I felt like I was taking advantage of Mark, and my own values won’t allow that. Obviously, I cannot do business with someone if I feel I am taking advantage of them.  Mark, my new friend, {you are  so on your way, big-time!} You and I will be talking.

Mark Mueller

Choice Plumbing



I would like to Thank Bob Burg, Co-Author, of The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More, and his book Endless Referrals, for taking the time to call me this morning after reading my blog, and to help me make the point I was trying to make in the last paragraph.  I was able to immediately pull my blog down and  fix the last paragraph.  How lucky am I that Bob Burg, cared enough to ever-so-gently, point out my error in the Law of Receptivity?   Thanks Bob,you are a True Go-Giver.

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